How to Carry Out the Production of DTF Thermal Transfer Printing?

What are the steps involved in dtf printing?

Recently in the clothing and printing industry are popular in such a hot topic: white ink direct-jet non-stroke ironing process; but many people still do not know non-stroke ironing process – white ink direct-jet clothing ironing printing full set of what is needed? The new white ink stamping process a full set of printing steps are included in those?

1. Computer

The computer has two roles in the entire printing process, one is to install the software that goes with the garment printing machine, white ink direct-jet printing machine is driven by the computer through a special software. The second is the need to deal with white ink printing machine printing pictures used; configuration according to our engineers experience recommended that the preferred I5 processor 8G memory up, so that the transfer of data to the ironing printing machine more smooth some.

2. Consumables

Consumables include ink, PET water-based hot stamping film, hot melt powder, nozzle moisturizing liquid, nozzle cleaning liquid, etc.

3. DTF Printer Machine

This time the new white ink direct-jet stamping process, we enterprise Asia digital for you to bring two sets of mature program, one is more this is suitable for personalized, clothing e-commerce, clothing printing and layout of such a small amount of friends prepared for cost-effective program; the second is oriented to the printing factory or garment factory needs a large amount of production of automatic shaking powder program, are available to our official website product center to understand.

In view of the white ink direct-jet transfer machine on the market or gradually more, mixed, or please choose the source manufacturers good reputation for service choice to buy.

4. Automatic Powder Shaker or Oven

In general, the use of cost-effective program, when the white ink direct-jet machine to print out the pattern in the PET water-based film, we can cut each separately, manually on the hot melt powder, and then after the high temperature of the oven, you can take the next step of pressing.

While the fully automatic program is the white ink direct-jet transfer machine while playing the pattern, automatic powder shaking machine while playing the good film for automatic shaking powder and high temperature melt powder directly after the roll standby, a series of actions to eliminate manual intervention.

5. Pressing and Fixing Equipment

After the previous step to print out high-temperature dissolving powder, cut off the printed PET film can be placed directly on clothing, T-shirts and other fabrics that need to be printed on high-temperature pressing, and so the temperature cools down, slowly tear off the top of the film, the whole process is complete.

It can be said that the new white ink direct-jet stamping process in the strict environmental requirements, to save labor, does not occupy an area, a start printing, but also simple operation without tracing without carving, the production of finished garment printing wash fastness to 3.5 and soft and washable, it can be said that the new printing process is still relatively worthy of affirmation and input.


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