10 Common Problems with DTF Printing Machine and Their Solutions

For newcomers who have never come across a flatbed white ink printer before, it can be difficult to know how to start operating the machine. We have summarised 10 questions that novice operators often encounter to give simple answers.

1. The car did not return to its original position

This problem occurs in three broad categories.

  • 1. Turning the power off and not noticing that the platform is still out. Wait a while, turn on the power and report an error;
  • 2. The platform is still out when the print command is sent.
  • 3. software setting errors

1, 2 two situations, because the white ink flatbed printer platform is not in the initial position caused. Therefore, when switching on the machine must pay attention to the platform position. And c such cases, read the manual carefully or ask the after-sales master, step by step in the relevant RIP soft software to set the correct printing options.

2. Print the cart hit the left stop

The problem still lies in the white ink printer lenticular strip, which must be kept clean on the surface.

If the raster bar sensor is also dirty, you must also do wipe.

3. The print carts move very slowly

The print carriage of a white ink printer suddenly moves very slowly during startup or printing.ILubricate the print carriage guides.

Lubricate the print carriage guides.

4. Red light on the ink cartridge

The ink cartridge light is on because Enterprise machines are equipped with an ink shortage alarm system, which alerts the operator when the white ink printer is out of ink and the operator needs to add ink.

5. Should the ink be filled to the brim?

There are many customers who have not contacted the white ink printer class, after receiving the machine, anxious to add ink, but do not listen carefully to the after-sales master training and watch our random manuals and operating videos, received the machine to add ink, there are also customers in order to reduce the number of times to add ink, that must be filled to the right. We are responsible to tell you: these practices are wrong.

In the white ink flatbed printer to add ink, do not add full, add half can, because the working principle of continuous supply cartridge is different from the filling cartridge, if added very full, on the one hand, there is no air pressure, the ink can not be supplied to the small cartridge, resulting in a lack of ink printing.

On the other hand, it is prone to printing ink drips.

Finally, pay attention to the color of the ink is added, do not add the wrong oh.

6. Print interruption

During the printing process of the white ink printer, the job is not finished and the print carriage platform suddenly returns to its place without any error reported on the machine keypad.

Check the following 5 small points

  • 1. Check if the USB cable is loose.
  • 2. Uninstall the printer driver in the control panel and reinstall it after re-installing the computer.
  • 3. If all of the above does not work, check whether the C disk disk space is insufficient.
  • 4. Try another computer.
  • 5. Check whether the input voltage is stable.

7. Off-color print pattern

Yesterday the use of normal, today suddenly found that the print pattern off-color, is not a bad printhead?

First do print test strips to see if the color is missing; if you find that some of the color lines on the test strips are badly mutilated, try to do nozzle cleaning, and then hit the test strips again to ensure that each color is outstandingly normal.

Note: Many people will ignore to print test strips, so make a good habit of printing test strips before you turn on the machine every day, only to ensure that the test results are normal, before you can continue to print, otherwise it will cause color differences.

8. The pattern has left and right overlap

During the printing process, suddenly found that the pattern has left and right ghosting, is it a bad printhead?

Such cases can be tried first with a clean cotton cloth or paper towel to wipe the lenticular strip clean. Its location in the upper end of the print trolley guide, a long transparent strip.

Note: Some customers do not pay attention to maintenance in the process of using the printer, the operating environment is dirty, and there is waste ink everywhere on the platform of the printer body. As a precision part, if dust or even ink falls on it, the sensor on the back side of the print carriage will not work properly, thus leading to left and right ghosting of the print result. Therefore, in the process of using the printer, it is also necessary to ensure that the surface of the printer is clean.

9. Color is not out of the cleaning also can not

Yesterday the nozzle check is normal, today there is color does not come out, the nozzle cleaning did not work.

Such situations are mostly caused by too much waste ink on the surface of the cleaning unit, as long as carefully cleaned up and then clean the printhead will be easy to recover, remember to reprint the test strip before making the goods.

Note: In the case of prolonged use and no regular maintenance, waste ink will accumulate on the surface of the cleaning unit, air dry, greatly affecting the normal work of the cleaning unit, white ink printer nozzle in the absence of good protection, it is easy to cause the blockage of some jet eyes.

10. How is the print positioned?

Many customers add ink, due to the excitement, they are anxious to print something, but the face of the plate is difficult, do not know where the material should be placed.

In fact, this point does not need to worry much, for the purchase of enterprise Asia machine customers, we have a series of one-on-one training, until taught, memory is not very good can also carefully watch the user manual and operation video, specifically on how to print the coordinate line, with X,Y coordinates, you can set the output coordinates in the RIP printing software, so that the pattern accurately hit in the corresponding area. If you are not familiar with the mapping software, contact the after-sales department for further training or remote assistance guidance.


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