How To Import DTF Printers From China?

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A Direct to Film or DTF uses a heat-press mechanism to transfer prints onto several types of fabric. The printer allows a design on a film to transfer to the fabric. The dtf printer is known for its flexibility and chooses almost any surface to print on such as polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic. Plus, it also works on different colored fabrics without needing to use expensive paper.

The first step to importing a DTF printer from China is to choose the right supplier or manufacturer of DTF printers and PET films. There are many suppliers in China which can be found online through selling platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, or through the official supplier’s website.

There are many great DTF printer suppliers in China and these companies deal with the production of digital printers as well as the selling of digital printers. They also provide a wide range of services to their customers as well as specialize in the manufacture and research of several types of printers. Some are textile printers, UV flatbed printers, and fabric inkjet printers.

These export DTF companies are in corporation with many other manufacturers of printheads, to bring forth the best products for their customers. They provide high-quality printers, great packaging, and good customer service. And they help with shipping their printers to where the customer is located. So far, the countries they have exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.

When choosing the product or in this case the printer. Confirm the price of the printer and compare it with other suppliers just to make sure it is legit. To be safe, the printer should not be too expensive or too cheap to raise any red flags or doubts. The lower the price the higher the risk of poor-quality products. Make sure it is the right model and the specifications are exactly what was requested, before shipping the printer. And if possible, it is good to get a sample of the output just to be sure that the right printer is chosen.

After choosing the right supplier the next step is the shipping method. Some suppliers such as Alibaba provide their carriers to ship to wherever the customer is and some use independent carriers. It is important to make sure that the freight forwarding company ships DTF printers. This mostly depends on customer preference. This step also involves calculating the costs of shipping and freight charges.

When shipping goods there are many costs other than just the shipping involved such as packaging fees, container fees, terminal handling, and broker charge. After fully calculating the freight and being satisfied with the cost, the customer can choose the shipment method which can be sea freight, Airfreight, or a courier service.

It is also important to keep in mind the number of days it will take for the package to reach the destination country. Shipping by sea usually takes a lot of time mostly around 3 months even though it is the cheapest method. The time is taken for clearance in the origin country as well as the destination country. And the best freight method for the package being delivered.

One of the best freight forwarders in China is SINO SHIPPING. This company was established in 2003 and it is well known for its wide range of shipping services and international logistics. They offer freight forwarding services for a wide range of clients and companies who want to ship large or small items across the globe.

Other than just shipping they also are a customs broker company that helps in clearing the cargo in the customer’s respective country. For example, when shipping a DTF printer SINO SHIPPING will deal with everything from getting the printer from the manufacturer, and packaging to shipping and customs clearance. They ensure that the printer will reach its destination safely without any hassle.

SINO SHIPPING also offers multiple freight services such as sea freight, air freight, express freight, or even a combination of all three. They also have a qualified professional team proficient in several languages who are available to consumers 24/7. They can help update the customer on the status of the cargo and track it until it reaches the destination.

After choosing the most suitable freight company the DTF printer can now be shipped to the destination country and the importer should get prepared for the arrival of the printer. Shipping takes days if not months for the package to arrive depending on the country. For example, it takes 14 to 30 days to ship to the United States.

Within 5 days or less after the package arrives the importer gets notified by the listed agent in the cargo. After the package has reached the agent receiving the package will prepare documents as proof of entry. These documents are the bill of lading which lists the good that was imported i.e., the DTF printer, an invoice listing the country the printer is from, the price of the printer and tariff that the DTF printer is classified in, and finally a document showing the arrival of the printer.

During this process, the importer needs to request that the product be marked for easy recognition. And the number of products to be known easily.

After arrival, the DTF printer is ready for clearance. This is easier when the importer prepares all details regarding the goods imported.  The importer is responsible for preparing the release and examination of the printer beforehand so the process can go smoothly.

The importer should know the whole process of clearing the goods and what it takes for the goods to be cleared in their respective country.

Finally, after clearing the printer through customs, the importer can choose a door-to-door service or pick up the printer at their home or business address. After receiving the printer, a proper inspection should be done on quality, packaging, and labels until satisfied, then send an email to the supplier to confirm that the package has been received.


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