How To Import DTF Printers From China?

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The first step to importing a DTF printer from China is to choose the right supplier or manufacturer of DTF printers and PET films. There are many suppliers in China which can be found online through selling platforms such as Alibaba, made in China, or through the official supplier’s website.

DTF Printer Pros and Cons

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Due to the recent epidemic breakout around the world, digital printing businesses have had to be more careful with their DTF printers in terms of use. Maintaining the machine is very important to avoid large repair costs.

How To Choose the Right DTF Printer for Your Business?

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There is no particular technology that’s ranked “King of Printing.” Different shops that have gone through the initial start-up stage came to notice that there is no proven or specific thing that the customers want or that which can print on every possible material. Or anything that can solve all customization problems.

How To Clean DTF Printer PrintHeads?

How can you clean a DTF Printer head? Well, that’s what we will be talking about today. I’ll share with you some video links that show how to do it but I’ll be explaining the script to you in this article.

How To Use a DTF Printer?

A Direct to Film or DTF uses a heat-press mechanism to transfer prints onto several types of fabric. The printer allows a design on a film to transfer to the fabric. The dtf printer is known for its flexibility and chooses almost any surface to print on such as polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic. Plus, it also works on different colored fabrics without needing to use expensive paper.