DTF Film

PET film, also called DTF,direct transfer film, which is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer-digital offset heat transfer



A4, A3, 30cm*100m/roll, 60cmx100m/roll




Single-sided / Double-sided


Smooth and clean surface

Can support

Cold or Warm Peel


1 Roll/ Carton, 2 Roll/ Carton


1 Roll

Advantages of DTF PET Film

The latest technology of DTF PRO, Want some quality clothing shirt? Try our DTF Print, same as silkscreen.

dtf pet film-A

Product Application

Testing Condition

Ink-load: 400% Max Transfer Temperature: 200-230℃ Transfer Time: 20-30 seconds


About Storage

In order to protect unused sublimation paper, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 68°F -82°F( 20°C -28°C) and 40-60% RH.

About Printing

Image side is wound to the outside of the paper. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.

Product Usage Video

Large-scale DTG printer to meet rapid mass production and save manpower.

DTF Film & Powder

Film Sample For Free

Hesitate to order our DTF pet film?  Maybe you can take a sample test first. We provide free film samples for our favorite customers.

Matters Needing Attention

Storage environment:

Relative humidity 35-65%, temperature 10-30°C, sealed indoor storage, avoid direct sunlight, shelf life 1 year.

Precautions for washing:

We recommend washing the transferred T-shirts separately with ordinary detergent and cold water.

Do not mix with other clothes at the same time.

Do not dry clean or bleach.

Dry them immediately after washing. Or use a dryer to dry.

After washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, you can cover the image with greaseproof paper and iron it again. Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron.

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