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Why is DTF Printing So Popular?

DTF printing offers greater versatility than other printing technologies. DTF can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, and more.

More advantages of DTF printing: 

Product Features

Customization of different printheads can be supported

Add your custom logo to the machinery

Thermal transfer printer for all kinds of textiles


High-precision printing of brightly colored group cases

Each machine is tested at least 30 times for quality

We also provide matching consumables for you to purchase

Get Your Clothes Partner and Feel the Charm

Start your new clothing business journey


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Buy any ShenLan DTF machine, you will get the highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies for free. DTF Starter Kit Includes:

Printing Consumables

Buy DTF Machine Get Supplies for Free

Buy any ShenLan DTF machine, you will get the highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies for free. DTF Starter Kit Includes:

Printing Consumables

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We are a manufacturing company that has 15 years of experience in the printer industry and is dedicated to building and producing quality inkjet printers.
Through our own experience, we have been optimizing and adjusting the print efficiency and print quality of our printers, which have been recognized by our customers in countries all over the world.
Putting customers’ needs first has always been our aim.
Our main products are DTF Printers, DTG Printers, Screen Printers, Printing Consumables, Heat Press Machine, etc.

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Continuous efforts to produce high quality products!
Today, I received the printer from ShenLan. I checked it. The package was not damaged. The printer inside was very new. Their salesperson also contacted us and arranged the installation time for assistance. From this point of view, they did a good job. I will add comments after use.
Dorothy Palmer
This is the third time I have purchased DTF printers and supplies from Deep Blue. Their products are not the cheapest, but they are stable. Very few breakdowns. If there is a problem, I can help deal with it promptly, which gives me peace of mind, and will continue to work with them.
Randy Tran
I am so glad I chose this company over the countless other companies that contacted me to sell my printer. This company has gone above and beyond to make sure I got the right product at the best price. When it arrived in Texas from China, it was packaged perfectly - no damage.
Amy Turner
Great product, great colors and details, easy to operate. Ashely was very helpful and professional before and after selling the product. Also Robert was very helpful and he provided unlimited online during setup the printer. Many thanks to ShenLan Digital Company.
Endang Everdeen
We purchased machine from China for the first time for our company in Japan.The machine quality and supplier service are both very important for us, when choosing a new supplier.In all, everything goes well with MT's collaboration.Good job ShenLan and your professional team!
Joe Alan

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Free Quick Quote

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to DTF Printer

DTF printers work by printing onto film, using hot melt powder to fix the pattern, and then by using heat transfer to various clothes, bags, and other items such as shoes.

If you’re considering using a dtf printer, you’ve come to the right place.

This ultimate guide lists out all the common and frequently asked questions related to dtf printers.

DTF printing is direct-to-film printing, which could be a supplement to the inkjet article of clothing enrichment preparation. Indeed, white ink does not require pre-treatment. It is exceptionally helpful for the customized DIY printing market
DTF is additionally alluded to as Coordinate to Film, and it works by printing exchanges that are warmly squeezed to an assortment of articles of clothing (and other substrates).
There are numerous consistent textures counting cotton, nylon, calfskin, polyester, and 50/50 mixes. This can be not at all like DTG innovation which as it were works on cotton textures.
DTG is planned transcendently for cotton garments, DTF will never supplant DTG for cotton printing, but it could be a great elective when beginning in trade due to its lower level of speculation for a stand-alone adaptation or a completely robotized framework for mass generation exchanges. This, hence, implies that this printer works on a much more extensive substrate, making it the foremost flexible computerized printer on the showcase.
DTF printers work on both white and dull articles of clothing and can get the work done without requiring you to press on exorbitant A+B paper, as is the case with white toner printers.

DTF printers are a popular printer at the moment, but choosing the right printer for our business is what will give us the best results.
If you are a friend who is just starting out or want to start a side business, we suggest you buy an Epson A4 L805 DTF printer or Epson A3 L1800 DTF printer first, for your initial cost of conducting business will be relatively low.
If you already have a certain amount of orders, I suggest you can buy a set of A3 DTF printer with shaking powder machine, which can meet your business business for a certain amount of business.
When you have achieved a certain scale, you can buy a 24-inch DTF printer and a 60cm dithering machine to increase your production speed in order to support your business, and at the same time can save more time cost and solve more orders.

DTF Printer is quite an affordable investment for someone in the digital printing business. Each part f a printer is crucial for the entire printing process to be done smoothly. A dtf printer has the following requirements;

1.DTF Printing Films

Dtf printers use PET films which are commonly known as DTF Transfer Films in their printing process. the films are usually 0.75mm thick and have better transfer quality. PET films are commonly used in DTF printing. these films can be used on a small scale (which is in the form of Cut sheets) and can be used in a large commercial setup (In form of Rolls). The PET films are also known for peeling after the transfer. The films can be a hot-peel type or cold-peel type based on the temperature.


The software of the DTF printer is an important part of the process. it has a great impact on the color performance which largely handles white colors and CMYK. It is also crucial in the printing quality, drop sizes, and ink levels.

Hence, having proper software can gradually increase the quality of the finished print. The DTF printer governs all factors which provide the best print outcome.

3.Hot-melt adhesive Powder

Three are several grades of the hot-melt adhesive powder but normally the powder is white and binds colored pigments together with its adhesive properties. The grades are specified in microns which can barely be seen by the naked eye. Based on the printing requirement a suitable grade will be used for proper printing on the material.

4.DTF Printing Inks

DTF printing inks come in several colors specially designed for the printer. The inks are available in magenta, yellow, white, cyan, and white. The white color acts as a foundation for other colors to be printed on the film. It is laid out on the film first before the colored designs are printed.

5.Automatic Powder Shaker

This powder shake is used in large commercial setups making sure that the powder is applied evenly throughout the rolls to get rid of any excess powder.

6.Curing Oven

This is a small oven used for melting then hot powder. However, in case of no contact with the powder a heat press machine can also be utilized to melt the powder. The hot melt powder is then applied to the film.

7.Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine is one of the main requirements in the DTF process because it transfers the image from the film onto the fabric. Apart from that it also heats the melted powder that is to be applied to the film.

Direct to Film Printing Process

1 – Print on Film

Use a PET film instead of paper and place it inside the printer trays. The first image is in white which is printed on the film as the foundation or base. Then, adjust the settings to the preferred color and print it on top of the white base or layer. During this process, it is crucial to keep in mind that the image printed on the film should be the exact image that will be printed onto the fabric.

2 – Powdering

Powdering involves applying the hot melt powder evenly throughout the PET film where the image is to be printed. The powder must be applied when the ink is west and should be distributed throughout the PET film without leaving any excess powder. If there is any excess it must be carefully removed to avoid distorting the image.

To make sure that the powder is spread evenly it is recommended that the film be placed or held in a straight landscape (floor) and the powder is poured slowly and carefully from the top to the bottom. After this bend the film slightly inwards and rock it lightly so that it is spread across the film evenly. 

In large commercial setups, people can use automated shakers as they are easy to use for a bigger project.

3 – Melting the powder

Several ways can be used to melt the powder. One of the main ways is to utilize a curing oven, especially on a large setup for a commercial project. The powder is applied to the film and placed in the curing oven for heating. In case there is no curing oven a heat press machine can be used as an alternative. Although while using a heat press one must be careful not to touch the film.

When placing the heat press on the film make sure that there is a slight gap of about 4mm to 7mm from the film. To make this process easier the operator can use a metal wire to hold the press.

To avoid any damage or mistakes it is best to follow the specifications given by the manufacturer when melting the powder. The heating can be done in 2 to 5 mins at 160 to 170 degrees Celsius depending on the DTF printer power.

4 – Pre-pressing

The fabric must also be pressed using a heat press and this can be done in a few seconds up to 5. Before placing the fabric and transferring the image it is important to press it under heat.

This is for removing any humidity or excess moisture on the fabric and flattening it. This will help smoothen the transfer to give out the best results.

5 – Transfer

This is the most crucial if not the main part of the DTF process. the transfer process is commonly known as curing. This can be done by placing the film which already has the image on it onto the fabric with a strong force to ensure the image is printed on perfectly.

This process goes on for about 15 seconds if not 20 seconds at 160 or 170 degrees Celsius to ensure the proper transfer of the image. The film is now attached to the fabric.

6 – Cold Peel

This process involves cooling down the fabric with the film placed on it at room temperature before pulling it out. The powder has an amide nature which as it cools holds the ink more firmly and tightly onto the fabric.

After it has cooled down, the film is then peeled off from the fabric leaving the printed design in ink perfectly held on.

7 – post-pressing

This is the final step in the DTF process which is recommended by manufacturers for the best quality of the print. After the design has been transferred to the fabric it is important to press the for about 15 seconds for the last time to ensure that the design is perfectly attached.

DTF printer can print on PET Film and then transfer to Polyester, Pure Cotton, Swimsuit Fabric, Hat, Shoes, Handbag, T-shirt, Package, Private Custom by thermal transfer.
It is recommended to choose the film on both sides for better printing results.

1. Strictly adhering to the operating standards of the DTF Printer

2. Pay attention to the static electricity on the dtf printer

3. Choosing the most suitable consumables for the dtf printer

4. Choosing the most suitable consumables for the dtf printer

5. Properly cleaning the Print head

6. Strictly adhering to the product manual provided with the dtf printer

7. Employ a proper and experienced operator

DTF Printer Pros

  1. Can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics and materials

DTF printing can be applied to different fabrics and garments such as nylon, leather, cotton, polyester, synthetic and blended fabrics as well as different colored fabrics from light to dark. Other than just fabrics it can also be applied to other materials like glass, wood, metal even leathered shoes and bags.

DTF does not limit businesses from expanding to other areas rather than just focusing on one product.

2. A DTF printer does not require pretreatment

Printers like the DTG require a pretreatment and drying process which takes a lot of time. With a DTF printer, this process is skipped because the hot melt powder is applied to the transfer films and directly printed on the fabric or material being used. This process saves a lot of time compared to using other printers in the market.


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